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Tackling Anxiety

15 ways to beat anxiety

15 Anxiety Busting Things You Can Take Action With Today (That You May Not Know About)

There are many things that can cause anxiety, things both mental and physical, so pinpointing a single person's specific anxiety triggers  can be ...
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SSRIS for anxiety disorder

Anxiety Medication: Are SSRIs The Answer to Anxiety Disorders?

After running a survey of anxiety medication on my Facebook page it is clear that SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) are a popular ...
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Anxiety Medication: 10 Reasons it’s Not a Long Term Solution

Medication is probably the most popular and widely used anxiety treatment out there at the moment with a huge variety of pills available. The ...
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Panic Attack Treatments and Why You Need Them

It seems logical that someone suffering from something as scary as a panic attack would want to seek help as quickly as possible, but this isn’t ...
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