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“Is It Any Wonder We Have Anxiety?”: State Sponsored Anxiety

It seems to me that the world is caught in a spiralling nosedive of anxiety, more so than ever before, and the numbers of those diagnosed with ...
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Food causing anxiety

Is It Any Wonder We Have Anxiety?: Food

It is becoming clearer, as more and more studies are done, that the western world is in the midst of an anxiety explosion, and the numbers of ...
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How Much Free-Will Do We Really Have?

This might seem like a strange (and rather pointless) question, as you probably feel like you're making free-will decisions all the time, from the ...
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Anxiety From Dehydration? Really?

Dehydration? You only get that when you’re crawling through the desert on your belly and think you’re seeing an oasis when there’s just a lot ...
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15 ways to beat anxiety

15 Anxiety Busting Things You Can Take Action With Today (That You May Not Know About)

There are many things that can cause anxiety, things both mental and physical, so pinpointing a single person's specific anxiety triggers  can be ...
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How the gut can affect the mind

Video: How the Gut can Affect the Mind

Here is a TedX talk that beautifully introduces the research that I have been doing over the past few years in how bacteria in the gut can affect ...
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