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Anxiety treat yourself well

Do Unto Yourself As You Would Do Unto Others

We are all well used to hearing the commonly used teachings of religious leaders, such as Jesus or Buddha, that say do unto others as you would ...
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Social Media and Anxiety: Is It Any Wonder We Have Anxiety?

The modern world is filled with anxiety triggers, from stressful work-life environments to the pressures of raising a family in the constant shadow ...
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State Sponsored Anxiety: “Is It Any Wonder We Have Anxiety?”

It seems to me that the world is caught in a spiralling nosedive of anxiety, more so than ever before, and the numbers of those diagnosed with ...
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Food causing anxiety

Food and Anxiety: “Is It Any Wonder We Have Anxiety?”

It is becoming clearer, as more and more studies are done, that the western world is in the midst of an anxiety explosion, and the numbers of ...
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How Much Free-Will Do We Really Have?

This might seem like a strange (and rather pointless) question, as you probably feel like you're making free-will decisions all the time, from the ...
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Anxiety From Dehydration? Really?

Dehydration? You only get that when you’re crawling through the desert on your belly and think you’re seeing an oasis when there’s just a lot ...
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