An Ambassador of Anxiety

Is there such thing as Ambassador anxiety? Probably not, but there should be because it fits perfectly to what I used to experience in the late ’90s. In 1997 I started travelling around South East Asia. I started in Thailand, moved down and around Malaysia and then onto my last …

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Do Unto Yourself As You Would Do Unto Others

Anxiety treat yourself well

We are all well used to hearing the commonly used teachings of religious leaders, such as Jesus or Buddha, that say do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself, which, as we all know, means treat everyone how you expect to be treated yourself, an important message …

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Social Media and Anxiety: Is It Any Wonder We Have Anxiety?

One of the greatest anxiety triggers that we have at the beginning of the 21st century, is in fact one of the very things that defines our generation. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing that we bring into our beds at night and to our breakfast tables in the morning. It is of course social media.

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Food and Anxiety: “Is It Any Wonder We Have Anxiety?”

Food causing anxiety

It is becoming clearer, as more and more studies are done, that the western world is in the midst of an anxiety explosion, and the numbers of people diagnosed with anxiety disorders is increasing steadily year-on-year. There are certainly many reasons for this, and one of them could admittedly be …

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How Much Free-Will Do We Really Have?

How much free will do we really have to make decisions? Are we exercising free will when we choose what to eat, or what to wear, or what to watch, or is it a combination of experiences and moods that give rise to our unconscious minds spitting out the best possible answer to our problem?

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