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15 ways to beat anxiety

15 Anxiety Busting Things You Can Take Action With Today (That You May Not Know About)

There are many things that can cause anxiety, things both mental and physical, so pinpointing a single person's specific anxiety triggers  can be ...
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How the gut can affect the mind

Video: How the Gut can Affect the Mind

Here is a TedX talk that beautifully introduces the research that I have been doing over the past few years in how bacteria in the gut can affect ...
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The Sugar and Anxiety Link

Sugar has become the target of many health crusades over the past few years with it being blamed for obesity, premature aging, and diabetes among ...
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How Smoking Can Affect Anxiety

It is a common fallacy today, among smokers at least, that smoking reduces anxiety and makes you more relaxed. While It may seem to do so in the ...
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Mental illness caused by brain?

Problem With The Mind – Should We Always Look in The Brain?

This might sound like a strange question but if someone has a problem with their mind, whether it be anxiety, depression, or whatever, should we ...
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SSRIS for anxiety disorder

Anxiety Medication: Are SSRIs The Answer to Anxiety Disorders?

After running a survey of anxiety medication on my Facebook page it is clear that SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) are a popular ...
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