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Foods that cause anxiety

Do Certain Foods Trigger Anxiety?

The idea that your gut could be causing your anxiety is a strange one, I know, and often a difficult one to stomach (excuse the pun) as it goes ...
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coffee anxiety trigger

Caffeine: The Morning Shot of Anxiety

Caffeine is probably the most widely used brain altering substance in the world today with about 83% of Americans drinking coffee at an average ...
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What is a Mental Illness Anyway?

If I asked this question to a random passer-by in any city in the western world I would probably get a mix of different answers but possibly with ...
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PTSD war in news

Are we Exposing Our Children to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is most commonly associated with war – it affects both the soldiers fighting it and the civilians that get ...
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Anxiety Medication: 10 Reasons it’s Not a Long Term Solution

Medication is probably the most popular and widely used anxiety treatment out there at the moment with a huge variety of pills available. The ...
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Social Anxiety Children

Identifying Social Anxiety Disorder in Children

Often regarded as the most unrecognized mental disorder in teens, social anxiety disorder can take many forms and manifest itself differently per ...
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