Do Certain Foods Trigger Anxiety?

Foods that cause anxiety

The idea that your gut could be causing your anxiety is a strange one, I know, and often a difficult one to stomach (excuse the pun) as it goes against the tide of current medical thinking. But if you really think about it, it shouldn’t really be all that surprising. …

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Caffeine: The Morning Shot of Anxiety

coffee anxiety trigger

Caffeine is probably the most widely used brain altering substance in the world today with about 83% of Americans drinking coffee at an average rate of about 3 cups per day. and this figure is increasing each year… This makes the US the leading coffee drinking nation in the world. Of …

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What is a Mental Illness Anyway?

If I asked this question to a random passer-by in any city in the western world I would probably get a mix of different answers but possibly with an overall  consensus that might be something like: “a disease of the mind”, a “problem with the brain” or a “non-physical illness”. Thinking of a …

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Identifying Social Anxiety Disorder in Children

Social Anxiety Children

Often regarded as the most unrecognized mental disorder in teens, social anxiety disorder can take many forms and manifest itself differently per person. Most parents and adults dismiss symptoms as merely shyness or teen angst that their children will eventually outgrow. However, social phobia, as the disorder is sometimes called, …

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